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Adam Bjaranson is a Sales Executive and based out of our Northeast Portland branch.
Adam came to Lawyers Title early in 2015, hoping to carve out a new career path.  As he tells us, “It was like drinking from a fire hose with all the terminology.  It was all brand new to me.”
Adam is dedicated to ensuring that every client he works with has the best experience imaginable.  Adam has built his business by being committed to these clients from beginning to end.  As he puts it, “We always strive to add value, but we must define each clients goals first.  It’s at that point where we can identify how to navigate, then build a plan to success.”
While Adam is originally from the Bay Area, Adam has called Oregon home for more than 4 decades.  He graduated from Portland State University in 1995 with a degree in Speech Communication.   At a very young age, Adam’s goal was to become a TV Sports Anchor.  Well, mission accomplished!  Adam is also an Emmy award winning sportscaster, and was recently named Oregon’s ‘National Sports Media Association’ Sportscaster Of The Year for 2020.   He’s spent more than 25 years anchoring sports nightly, and more than 20 of those years have been right here in Portland.  Adam is currently the Sports Director at KOIN-6, the local CBS affiliate.  Yes, two full-time careers.

My ultimate goal is to build power partnerships with our clients and the buyers, sellers and investors that we serve together.

Adam has three pieces of advice that have impacted his success professionally. 

  1. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself. 
  2. Never promise what you can’t deliver.
  3. My Lawyers Title family is just that, FAMILY

With all that, Adam still remains very active in the community.  He emcee’s and supports a multitude of charities and non-profits.  Included among those are the Home Builders Foundation, Cole Park Randall Foundation, Eric J. Brosterhous Cancer Fund, NW Autism Foundation, Providence Seaside Hospital, and Caddies 4 Cure.
Adam grew up in Warrenton, along the north Oregon coast.  He currently lives in Tigard with his wife and 3 young children.


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