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Lawyer’s Title welcomed Sophia Dougherty in 2017. Sophia quickly demonstrated her ability to relate with clients, as she deeply invests herself in every relationship she has. Continually Sophia aims to create networks of support for her clients as well as ensuring that their needs are met when it comes to their business and personal ventures. As an Oregon native Sophia has been able to build a state-wide network of positive influencers, from which her client base is able to benefit from. Sophia has a natural ability to lead, motivate, and inspire those who work with her both as a client or colleague. Sophia shares in the successes of anyone around her and loves to see those she supports grow and achieve both personally and professionally.

I specialize in giving the best customer service to our partners and clients. You can be assured your transaction will be handled professionally and accurately.

Sophia’s enjoys spending time with her family, adventuring outdoors, and traveling to warm beaches.


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