AVP, Executive Sales Assistant | Sales
Representing: Lake Oswego
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Michelle Ayala is an integral part of the sales team, currently working alongside top producers in the Lawyers Title office of Lake Oswego. The team at Lawyers Title shares a common goal of creating a successful and pleasant environment, something Michelle values tremendously. With 13 years of experience in the title, escrow and lending industries, Michelle provides a great deal of value to her team.

Wowing every client is her mission. As Sales & Marketing Assistant, Michelle strives for positive experiences, helping her clients attain their goals through her commitment, hard work and diligence. Michelle’s dedication and can-do attitude truly make her unstoppable.

My clients are my main priority and I am always willing to go the extra mile.

Whether it is as simple as answering questions, or as complex as implementing business plans, Michelle is always ready to assist. She is dedicated to catapulting clients to the next level through recognition of their full potential. As a result of the relationships she has built, Michelle is able to save her clients time and money by providing them with the best deals possible. With her contagious positive attitude and vast array of knowledge, she continuously proves she is a true asset.


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