Escrow Officer | Lake Oswego
Representing: Lake Oswego
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Crystal Wynkoop started working at Lawyers Title eight years ago, and serves as Escrow Assistant to the Lake Oswego team. Before that she worked at U.S. Bank for five years as a customer service manager. Crystal wanted a change and more of a challenge, and had a family friend that worked at Lawyers Title that told her about a job opening as an assistant. Crystal interviewed, was hired and the rest is history. She is a hard worker, and believes in great customer service.

I try to understand each customer’s needs and how they want things done, and then I make sure that it happens. Every customer is different, and they all run their businesses differently, so I adapt to each one. I get the most excited when we can make an impossible situation turn out well.

When she is not at work, Crystal is spending time with her children, running them to sports, activities, or just spending time with them at home. She is also very close to the people she works with at the office, her second family, and cherishes those relationships as well. She loves her job, and providing outstanding customer service to her clients.


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